The distinguished men and women who work to keep America safe deserve the highest praise our country can bestow. As such, it has been James’ honor to champion veteran’s rights and issues in the Nevada Assembly throughout the years. 

In 2017, James co-sponsored Assembly Bill 280, which streamlines law that gives preference to veteran-owned businesses who submit bids and proposals to the state. Empowering our veterans, especially those with service-connected disabilities, to own and operate successful businesses is good for Nevada. 

James is equally proud of the passage of Nevada Assembly Bill 299, which requires the Legislative Committee on Senior Citizens, Veterans and Adults with Special Needs to conduct a study on training standards for unlicensed care providers in Nevada. James firmly believes that we have a duty to protect the health and agency of all of our citizens, including those who have willingly entered into a pact to defend the United States and its Allies. 

Also introduced in the 2017 legislative session and signed into law, Nevada Assembly Bill 426 enables Nevada courts to establish programs for the treatment of offenders who are veterans or members of the military. It is no secret that the fallout of war and wartime is often devastating. This law provides for those in desperate need of treatment who appear to suffer from mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse, or post-traumatic stress disorder related to military service, including those having difficulty readjusting to civilian life. In making access to treatment available, the lives of our servicepeople and their families will be impacted positively now and in the future.

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