gender equality

Photo by Lance Iversen/AP

equal rights amendment

James was honored to cast his vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment during the Nevada Assembly’s 79th legislative session. On March 20, 2017, Nevada became the 36th state (and the first in four decades) to stand beside women and take up the cause of equal rights for citizens of all sexes.


Assembly Bill 147

In 2013, James sponsored Assembly Bill 147, which became law, and mandates that patients be informed that they have dense breast tissue. 

Masses in non-dense breasts are easily discernible, but are more difficult to identify in dense breasts. Without further testing, patients could leave the doctor’s office believing everything is fine only to discover advanced-stage cancer later on when fewer treatment options are available.

Nevada is the 10th state in the country to mandate that patients be informed they have dense breast tissue. In fact, 25 states now have laws mandating that patients be informed if they have dense breast tissue.

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