James has spent many years in the Nevada Assembly dedicated to standing up for teachers and students.

The most important issue facing our state is making sure our kids have access to quality education.  In my time in office as an Assemblyman I have voted to increase funding for teachers and public education multiple times. Along with the Nevada State Educators Association, I refused to support Education Savings Accounts legislation because they do not address the critical unmet needs of our public education system.  

If I am elected to Senate, I will continue to stand up for teachers and public education.  As an attorney, I have never understood why every child is entitled to an education, but not entitled to the same quality of education.  I understand that not every school or school district can be exactly the same, but I do expect us to strive to provide the same opportunities to all children.  In the State Senate, I pledge to continue the fight for a fair and equitable public education system.

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