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James has been a strong voice for Nevadans in the health care space for many years as the representative for Assembly District 12. He has consistently supported affordable health care options for Nevada’s working families. 

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Assembly Bill 162: insurance for autism

Assembly Bill 162, which was passed into law in 2009, requires certain insurance plans cover treatments and therapies for autism. 

Inspired to assist struggling families, James introduced the bill during Nevada’s 75th legislative session. The bill has gone on to improve thousands of Nevadans’ lives.

Assembly Bill 341: assistance for learning disabilities

In 2015, during the 78th Legislative Session, James introduced Assembly Bill 341 to assist students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia. 

AB341 requires accountability reports to include the results of early literacy screening assessments. Under the bill, which was signed into law, each school district and charter school must administer screening assessments as well as provide dyslexia therapy and the accommodations/modifications required by federal law to a student with dyslexia. AB341 also requires Nevada school districts to employ professionals with training in dyslexia and directs the Department of Education to prepare and publish a Dyslexia Resource Guide.

Assembly Bill 147: notification for women with dense breast tissue

In 2013 James sponsored Assembly Bill 147, which became law, and mandates that patients be informed that they have dense breast tissue. 

Masses in non-dense breasts are easily discernible, but are more difficult to identify in dense breasts. Without further testing, patients could leave the doctor’s office believing everything is fine only to discover advanced-stage cancer later on when fewer treatment options are available.

Nevada is the 10th state in the country to mandate that patients be informed they have dense breast tissue. In fact, 25 states now have laws mandating that patients be informed if they have dense breast tissue.

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