civil liberties

James has been committed to defending civil liberties during the 12 years he has spent in office in Nevada.

Throughout his time in Carson City as the representative of District 12, James worked to keep constitutional rights at the forefront when considering legislation. 2017, in particular, was an important year for civil liberties in Nevada. He introduced Assembly Bill 237 during the 79th session, which sought to abolish the death penalty in Nevada. Though the bill did not move into law, it set the stage for an important conversation regarding the fairness of our laws in upholding our most sacred civil rights.

James also introduced Assembly Bill 184 during the 79th legislative session. AB184 protects the rights of defendants adding clarity to the law. Governor Sandoval wisely signed the bill into law.

In 2017, James was honored for his commitment to civil liberties, receiving the American Civil Liberties Union, Nevada award for Liberty in Government.

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