I will continue to fight to create job opportunities and put Nevada back to work. In my last term, I supported a job bill that will create 8,000 new jobs in Nevada starting this year. I am a strong advocate of renewable energy development projects that create new, high-tech jobs in our in state. I believe that Nevada can and will become a leader in this emerging industry and will continue my efforts in the legislature to promote its growth.

I know that providing first rate educational opportunities for our children is essential to attract business to Nevada for our long term competitiveness. I support legislation to reward schools that provide better educational opportunities to our children. I support measures that promote a strong dynamic partnership between our business and education leaders to ensure our kids are prepared to compete in today's global economy.

I believe that the government must do more to cut costs and improve accountability and efficiency. I support legislation to provide Nevadans with more information about how our tax dollars are being spent. I will continue my efforts to cut ineffective and wasteful state programs and to ensure that jobs created with our tax dollars will stay in Nevada.